Cocks & Cows is the original cocktail bar and burger restaurant combo!

tisvilde pop-up opening

The countdown for summer has started! Cocks & Cows Tisvilde is opening on April 28th, and we can't wait to welcome you back for another summer filled with cocktails, burgers, fries & everything nice. We're open all through the summer until August 31st. Come by, say hi and enjoy an ice cold Spritz in the sunshine ☀️

countdown to opening


Since 2010 we've been serving handmade cocktails and buns to die for for all the burger lovers - and now you can enjoy more burgers, fries and delicious side dishes than ever before. #TreatYourself Explore the new Treat Yourself menu and make a reservation today for the ultimate Cocks & Cows experience. Book a table at one of our restaurants or get in touch via email to make a reservation for 15+ people!


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It’s our place, but it’s your party

If you’re tired of sharing the dance floor and the bartender’s attention? We got you!  Regardless of whether you want to invite your colleagues out to a Friday bar or get friends together for a burger and cocktail party, we have a wealth of options when it comes to getting it all to yourselves.  Our […]


The first seasonal burger has arrived on the menu! Experience a burger that delivers a bit more than the usual. Weekend at Bearnaise has everything you know and love from the classic Boeuf Bearnaise, all in an irresistible package. Delicious slices of juicy New Yorker Steak, rich and creamy bearnaise, fresh tomato salsa, crispy onion and […]