Burgers & Beer

The perfect duo

Burgers & Beer

Cocks & Cows offers Burgers & Beer! Take your evening to new heights with our brand new group menu, which is the perfect start to an amazing night. The only thing that beats the combination of burgers and beer is Burgers & beer ad libitum! Enjoy our signature burger, Cheese & Smoke, served with crispy Twister Fries and our delicious Cocks mayo. As the cherry on top, we offer an open bar in beer for a full 1.5 hours, so you can have a great time in good company. The menu is available for groups of 8 people and up and can be booked from Sunday to Wednesday. You can easily book online for groups of up to 15 people. If you're planning a larger event, please contact our booking department, who are ready to assist you. Scroll down to explore the menu.


Get the pleasure of Cocks & Cows' absolute bestseller! Cheese & Smoke: With an organic butter-toasted brioche bun, a juicy 120-gram beef patty from Danish cattle, crispy bacon, creamy Dijon mayo, aged organic cheddar, and crispy pickles, it's the ultimate flavor experience. The burger will be served with our crispy Twister Fries and our delicious Cocks mayo. If anyone in the group desires a vegetarian or vegan option, simply contact the booking department.


Experience the joy of an open bar for 1.5 hours with selected beverages. Beer: Royal Pilsner & Royal Classic served in pitchers ad libitum throughout the visit. Also included: In addition, soft drinks served in pitchers ad libitum: Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Mirinda Orange, Faxe Kondi, and sparkling water.