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the place

Address: Amagerbrogade 37, 2300 Copenhagen S Capacity: 40 Just behind the dazzling bar at Cocks & Cows Amager you'll find your new favorite bar game! Three top-of-the-line shuffleboards measuring a whopping 18 feet make up the playground of the shuffleboard room. Book it as a private dining room - or rent a table for an hour for just 50 DKK per person and share the space with other players just pucking around!

the game

Shuffleboard is our new favorite bar game. Why? Because it's for everyone! Two teams face off with four pucks each. Take turns sliding your teams' puck all the way to the other end of the table, but careful! Don't let it drop over the edge! The team whose puck gets closest to the edge get the points for the round, and the first team to reach a total of 15 points WIN! That's it! Click below to get the rules in detail or just go ahead and book a table and let our staff fill you in on the details when you arrive.

the food

Shuffleboard can be played with just one hand, so your other hand is free for burger holding! You can enjoy anything and everything from the menu before, during or after you play. It's up to you! Check out the restaurant's menu or book our Eat Drink Play package for a 2,5 hour reservation that includes 1,5 hours of our ad libitum sharing menu and an hour of shuffleboard - including open bar for the entire booking!

eat drink play

Combine your game time with our sharing menu to plan the perfect party for friends and family

The ultimate shuffleboard experience
Shuffleboard & sharing menu ad libitum