treat yourself

The ultimate Cocks & Cows sharing menu

Treat Yourself

Food & drinks ad libitum for two hours 
Treat yourself with our exclusive upgraded sharing menu and enjoy two hours of great food and bottomless beverages served at the table family style for just 399,- per person. Feast on some of our favorites from the regular menu as well as a selection of exclusive snacks and side dishes only available as part of your Treat Yourself experience. Scroll down to explore the menu and book your table for up to 15 people in just a few easy clicks - or contact us to book a table for bigger groups.

The food

Enjoy two servings over the course of 2 hours:   
First serving:
Small shared dishes as starters: - Mini Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast - Risotto Balls with creamy parsley dip - Homemade Fried Sweet Potato with Cocks mayo - Homemade potato chips with dip - Hotwings with spring onion and Cocks' Hot Sauce  
Second serving:
One of our three classic signature burgers as a main with fries & mayo ad libitum. - Your choice of burger - Organic Salted Fries - Crispy Twister Fries Accompanied by a wide selection of delicious dips and sides ad libitum. Choose between: Cheese & Smoke, Southern Fried Chicken or The Treehugger (plantbased patty).* *Can be exchanged with our vegan and gluten free burger, Chrissy Vegan. Scroll down to see drink selection.


Throughout the entire meal you and your group can cheers in bottomless draft beer, wine, selected cocktails and of course soft drinks and sparkling water.
The Beer:
Royal Pilsner & Royal Classic  
The Wine:
Organic house red & white wine from Husted  
The Cocktails:
Dark 'n' Stormy, Gin Hass & Raspberry Gem (with mocktail, alcohol free versions available upon request)  
The Soft Drinks:
Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Faxe Kondi, Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Lemon and sparkling water  

The last round of drinks are served by the glass 15 minutes before your reservation ends.

the burgers

Get to know the burgers
Cheese & Smoke: 120 g beef patty, ketchup, bacon, mature cheddar, dijon mayo, lettuce & pickles Southern Fried Chicken: New Orleans style fried chicken, blue cheese creme, red onions, coleslaw, lettuce, pickles & hot sauce The Treehugger: Deep-fried patty made of zucchini, grana padano & garlic, served with tomato salsa & aioli Chrissy Vegan: Mushroom & beetroot patty, mushroom mayo, lettuce & homemade ketchup. Served in a vegan & glutenfree bun.   All our burgers are served in a delicious organic brioche bun, toasted in butter for extra crispiness, but you can also request a glutenfree substitute. Got room for more? No worries! You can order an additional burger once you've finished your first choice. For information about allergens, click here.